Your support furthers the mission of Financial Beginnings Oregon.

Our existence parallels the growing demand nationally for financial education programs that measurably impact the financial health of youth and adults in our communities.

Financial Beginnings Oregon believes in strengthening communities through inclusive financial education. We aim to continue connecting with learners in K-12 and beyond through relevant and engaging financial lessons. Our partners and supporters recognize the role financial education plays in increasing life opportunities for the students and community members they serve.

Our curricula and activities are consistently updated to ensure all programming remains relevant and is rooted in instructional design best practices and the latest financial education research. When learning shifted online in 2020, we began developing our own Learning Management System (LMS), all while updating and refreshing our widely used Financial Foundations program. Partner support equipped us to do so.

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Individuals and organizations that support us recognize the role financial education plays in increasing equitable opportunities for economic advancement.
"We have been funding Financial Beginnings for over a decade. Throughout the years, our support has increased because of the amazing growth results we have seen."
The Fairbridge Foundation