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Our Executive Director served as a member of the Oregon State Treasurer's Financial Education Advisory Team (FEAT)--which recently released a report containing recommendations.

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FBOR Represented on Statewide Team Impacting Oregonians

September 21, 2021 -- Financial Beginnings Oregon Executive Director Kate Benedict was selected as a member of the Oregon State Treasurer's Financial Education Advisory Team (FEAT), which has collectively recommended action items to help Oregonians in every community become more financially literate and empowered.

From January through May 2021, Benedict joined 13 fellow Advisory Team Members from the financial education community for ongoing meetings, all of whom were invited by State Treasurer Tobias Read.

Chaired by Read, the advisory team's objective was to guide Oregon State Treasury's efforts to provide resources to--and a foundation for--Oregonians to gain confidence when making financial decisions.

"The goal when starting the Financial Education Advisory Team was to map roads forward for using Treasury tools to help Oregonians," stated Read.

The FEAT has released seven financial education priorities and specifics in its report:

  • Augment and amplify existing programs - Create a centralized clearinghouse and hotline; an online calendar of public financial education events; and a community resource map
  • Improve visibility via outreach and tools - Spotlight successes with a Financial Literacy Award; highlight financial news on social media; create a newsletter focused on financial empowerment efforts in Oregon
  • Enhance and promote equity - Work with allies in underrepresented communities; provide a state-level forum connected to financial education equity, with a specific focus on racial equity; identify equity metrics; encourage practical financial education
  • Be accessible to all Oregonians - Improve connections to the Spanish-speaking community; ensure financial education information is offered in multiple languages; promote efforts by partner organizations
  • Leverage and support partnerships - Help enhance capacity of nonprofits; interface with state agencies, trades, and allies; host and sponsor meetings and events; work with Oregon's sovereign tribes on shared financial education priorities
  • Help advance public policy - Create a financial education committee; help expand saving opportunities for adults with disabilities
  • Set benchmarks - Create an Oregon Financial Education report card; aggregate data; collect metrics to show public impact of these initiatives
  • "Many of these objectives align with the aim and outreach of Financial Beginnings Oregon--I am honored to have had the opportunity to lend my expertise and insight," Benedict said. "Being a part of this collaborative advisory team has helped solidify the importance of all of these organizations' important missions to support a more financially resilient Oregon."

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