Meet the team committed to serving Oregonians through financial education.
We're working toward a stronger Oregon tomorrow through financial education today. Here's how we do so, and the passion behind our roles.

Alex Manoogian - Interim Executive Director
"I am incredibly privileged to have a career that is centered around supporting communities to be more secure and resilient. For the past 15 years, I've worked across the globe supporting education and economic empowerment initiatives that have made a real difference in people's lives. I'm ecstatic to be continuing that work here in my home state with Financial Beginnings Oregon. Financial education is important to me because it works to de-center money - and the stress it causes - from our everyday lives. By giving each of us tools and a roadmap, financial education allows us to manage our money, and our expectations around it, in a way that is more likely to make us live healthier and happier lives."

Alex M. works toward making programs more impactful and accessible across Oregon.

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Maree Beers - Program Director
"I come from a career in banking and mortgage lending and have seen firsthand the barriers that arise from not understanding personal finance. It made me become aware of my own role in the industry and how it was affecting, either positively or negatively, the people I was committed to serving. As a result, I found myself needing to directly focus on providing financial services through the social responsibility lens of education. I am proud to be here to do that work and be in the middle of that action by helping to facilitate access to knowledge and resources that spark financial confidence and empowerment. I believe that individual financial empowerment is the key to community financial empowerment. When individuals are financially stable and have the tools to handle the financial changes that inevitably happen through their lives, then more focus can be given to their community's well-being. This is achieved through financial education."

Maree sustains the existing relationships developed with hosts, and recruits to engage new connections with new hosts for additional and exciting class opportunities within our Oregon communities.

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Jasper Brokaw - Program and Fellowship Manager
"I had always wished that I was taught about credit, insurance, loans, and investing in college and high school. When I found Financial Beginnings and saw they were actively providing the financial education I had sorely missed when I was growing up, I knew I had to support that mission. There are so many parts of the economy that individuals have no control over. Finances can often be overwhelming and leave one with feelings of defeat and hopelessness. Financial education helps individuals to exercise some control over their lives by providing them the tools to better their livelihoods within their unique situations."

Jasper stewards our program partners to sustain and grow our relationships across Oregon. Jasper also manages our Financial Empowerment Fellowship.

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Elizabeth Rose - Volunteer Coordinator
"Growing up in a rural town, financial literacy was not a large part of the curriculum. I always knew the importance of it but didn't have access to that knowledge. Later, my years in banking taught me how much was truly missing in our school systems, and how that barrier limits success in day to day life. When the opportunity came up to join an organization whose sole mission is to promote financial literacy and empowerment, I couldn't pass it up."

Elizabeth serves as the main contact for our volunteers to get connected to opportunities and gain program and facilitation support.

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Financial Beginnings Oregon Board Members

Ken Calhoun
FBOR Board Member
Sean Edwards - Village Family Capital
FBOR Board Treasurer

"Financial Beginnings (FB) provides vital and real-world education that's critical for all. I grew up in a home where money wasn't discussed and did not receive the financial education that I needed. I wish I had access to the educational resources that FB provides at that time in my life."
Joe Herrle, CFA, CAIA - Ferguson Wellman Capital Management
FBOR Board Member

"I have long believed that financial literacy is among the best ways to help individuals successfully navigate life and avoid the pitfalls that reinforce the cycle of poverty. I see Financial Beginnings' mission of empowerment through personal finance education as imperative to achieve a more fair and equitable society."
Logwone Warrior Mitz - Eagle Strategies LLC
FBOR Board Secretary

"The vision of FBOR aligns perfectly with my urge to educate both new and established generations on financial literacy. This has been a struggle for the general population but could significantly impact underprivileged communities."
Michael Navarro, MEd - Open School East
FBOR Board Member

"Financial Beginning's Mission means we can set up generations of families with stability and opportunities for years to come."
Kaelynn Simmons
Financial Empowerment Fellow - Student Board Member

"I am an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde and am very passionate about giving back to my community. I'm blessed to be able to serve them through this fellowship. I think finances can help push a lot of people, including myself, to their goals. Whether it's an education, buying a house or car, or being able to put food on the table, finances help pay for it. Having a financial education lets individuals make informed decisions to provide them with their necessities and aspirations."
Amy Theuma - First Interstate Bank
Market President

"I'm honored to support the essential community service provided by our Financial Beginnings staff and volunteers. Everyone deserves to be empowered with the financial knowledge, skills and tools needed to navigate the inevitable challenges of life. While there are no silver bullets... compound interest is indeed magic!"
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