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Financial Literacy Conference

2019 Financial Literacy Conference Registration Banner

Financial Beginnings Oregon is excited to announce our 2019 Financial Literacy Conference. Now in its sixth year, the Financial Literacy Conference is a unique professional development opportunity for education, nonprofit, and community leaders from across Oregon. The goal of the conference is to highlight the critical importance of financial literacy, and to connect attendees with the resources they need to contribute to financial literacy efforts in their communities.

This year's conference will feature a diverse array of thought leaders and experts presenting on a wide range of financial literacy topics. Through panels and presentations, attendees will learn more about this critical work. They will also have ample opportunity to network, share ideas, and build community. The conference will once again be held at Canby High School, and will take place from 8:00am to 4:00pm on 11 October 2019.

Financial literacy has an important role to play in Oregon's long-term health and success. We welcome your voice and insights as we continue to build a network of supporters and advocates for this important work, and we look forward to seeing you in October!

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In October 2018, Financial Beginnings Oregon hosted the 2018 Financial Literacy Conference (FLC), in Canby, OR. With close to 200 in attendance and $62,000 in sponsorships generated, the conference was a success. But beyond the numbers, feedback from attendees, speakers, and the Financial Beginnings Oregon team indicated the 2018 event was the best yet!

As Tom Moosbrugger, Development Director explained, the FLC, "was so successful that it enabled us to skip our annual gala altogether, allowing us to focus more of our time on doing other program work and building awareness in the community."

Attendees shared positive conference reviews, indicating they learned helpful money management tips and that they intend to more actively participate in their financial well-being. Educators and nonprofit and government employees also noted that the conference made them feel more confident teaching others about financial concepts.

The 2018 conference was framed around the theme of equity and inclusion, with several sessions addressing financial literacy through this lens. One panel discussed the unique financial literacy needs of the Latinx community and how one might take culturally sensitive approaches to addressing those needs. Another session, titled, "Equity, Inclusion, & Financial Empowerment," included a diverse panel of women who discussed how knowledge of issues surrounding economic disparities and inequities experienced by local communities of color can inform attempts to provide financial education. Financial Beginnings Oregon hoped to leave FLC attendees not only with a better grasp of their own finances and more prepared to increase financial literacy, but also with a greater appreciation, consideration, and sensitivity for the diverse needs that exist in their communities.

Moosbrugger noted, "Being 'prepared' to bring financial literacy into a community doesn't simply mean knowing how to balance a budget and access your FICO score; it also means understanding the unique needs and barriers of the communities with whom you're working and responding to those needs in a way that is respectful and sensitive."

Financial Beginnings Oregon Executive Director, Kate Benedict was very pleased with the event. From a highly regarded keynote delivered by Oregon State Treasurer, Tobias Read, to workshops and panels covering topics central to her team's work, Benedict was encouraged by the FLC and excited for the future. As Benedict explains, every time she shares with others what Financial Beginnings does, they respond by saying they wish the organization was around when they were in school. While Benedict is thrilled people recognize the value in what Financial Beginnings provides, she looks forward to the time when people instead say, "I learned from a personal finance workshop when I was younger, and it changed my life!"

"Financial Beginnings’ lessons were important. A lot of people might now save themselves from falling into too much debt. It might even prevent someone from having to foreclose on their home." - Student Participant