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Financial Beginnings participants are empowered by their increased financial capabilities. Students and community members learn personal finance through our impactful and enjoyable programming.

When asked how they will use what they learned from Financial Beginnings Oregon's programs, here is what our participants said:

"I will try not to waste all of my monthly allowance as fast, and to try to save a portion"

"Once I start working, I will apply some of the tips given to really start saving"

"I plan on making a budget for the next month to help myself limit spending and save money"

"I will definitely start saving money early"

"I want to start budgeting my money better and begin to invest my money once I start my full-time job"

"I will save up so I can be ready for emergencies"

"I will make wiser choices on how much money to spend/budget"

"I will be more careful and responsible with my money"

"I will make sure I can financially support myself before I move or make a big step"

"I think that everyone should know what Financial Beginnings taught us because I am sure there are a lot of people out there that do not know the opportunities they could be taking." - Student Participant